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Instant ramen noodles - the possibilities are endless! In this episode, Ben pits Mike against Jamie in the ULTIMATE INSTANT RAMEN NOODLE BATTLE to see who can create the best dish at home. Who has the best battle banter? Who finishes with the cleanest kitchen? And who becomes king of the noods? Watch on to find out!
Mike’s Recipe: bit.ly/2Lu1IHY
Jamie’s Recipe: bit.ly/2AnTKOn
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  • Sabrina Torgerson
    Sabrina Torgerson3 天 前

    I died of laughter at too things in this video. Now keep in mind I am a vegetarian (both for ethical and healthy reasons.... ahem allergy to the proteins found in meat), but I died when Jamie said "if your bacons not smoked it's just hot ham", which I promptly texted to my sleeping husband. Then I died again at the end of the video when Jamie has taken control of the video and he's trying to figure out how to film his bowl of ramen, and does a quick zoom in as he says "am I a sexy bowl of ramen... pow... yes I am", ai couldn't take it anymore.

  • SORTEDfood


    2 天 前

    yes it was... damn sexy!

  • John Leach
    John Leach5 天 前

    Don't eat packaged ramen, it has too much and will drive your blood pressure up. Also, total renal failure cases have been reported in the U.S.

  • Kat ily
    Kat ily6 天 前

    Watching men cook is insanely sexy.

  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM7 天 前

    I am I the only one that thinks Mikes meal looks disgusting?

  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM7 天 前

    I bet Ben is glad he didn't have to try Mike's dish though I am surprised he picked him as a winner, to me, mikes dish looks disgusting.

  • Nikki Matthys
    Nikki Matthys10 天 前

    Anybody else watching this video months later while in the second wave of the virus and having a bowl of ramen for lunch and it was a coincidence that you clicked the video while having some

  • Ardian Allard
    Ardian Allard12 天 前

    indomie 😘

  • Joe Glover
    Joe Glover13 天 前

    Maybe just because I’m a builder and I couldn’t help but notice but why do both your kitchens have the same fault..... the tiles are short of the underside of your wall units lol

  • Arcade Ren
    Arcade Ren15 天 前

    Absolutely LOVE this show! You guys are hilarious and fun. Keep it up and all the success!

  • Atlas
    Atlas18 天 前

    Chunky peanut butter is worse than creamy. It's just a fact😊

  • Hater ッ
    Hater ッ19 天 前

    I’m 569,001 view

  • Tomislav Lazic
    Tomislav Lazic24 天 前

    Jamies quote on bacon is words to live by xD

  • Catnip
    Catnip24 天 前

    I went and made myself a bowl of noodle while watching this

  • Kennie Frog
    Kennie Frog28 天 前

    Hmm. More time in lock down to practice my knife skills. I've gotten worse. I've worked in kitchens my entire working life, competed in cooking completions but all it took for any skills I had to disappear was a few months away from the pub. Long story short I've never injured myself sharping knives before, and now I'm missing the top of my finger.

  • SORTEDfood


    28 天 前

    Ouch! Hope it heals up fine.

  • Jack
    Jack个月 前

    "Im bored stiff so i called the boys" - What a line...

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Sometimes he just doesn't think before he speaks.

  • Vili Siitonen
    Vili Siitonen个月 前

    My guilty pleasure is a fish finger pizza with garlic sauce and pico de gallo.

  • Jonathan Lee
    Jonathan Lee个月 前

    What kind of chopping board are those?

  • Ruq xx
    Ruq xx个月 前

    I spy funko pop characters on mike’s microwave 👀 where do u get those?

  • The Warped Eyebrow
    The Warped Eyebrow个月 前

    I'd like to see you do an ultimate Italian battle, or even better an ultimate sushi battle

  • Alex Tresadern
    Alex Tresadern个月 前

    I hope everyone's staying safe at during this second potential wave of Covid-19

  • Valentine Ima J
    Valentine Ima J个月 前

    IndoMie.. yeaayy 😁

  • David Roe
    David Roe个月 前

    If you make a T-shirt with "If your bacon's unsmoked, then it's just hot ham," I'll buy it!

  • MooZombie
    MooZombie个月 前

    Whenever I make ramen, I always use the instant noodles. I love this miso ramen recipe I found on Just One Cookbook. I once made my roommate cry with joy, after her late night shift, but cooking her up a bowl of the stuff.

  • Jake Spitsbergen
    Jake Spitsbergen个月 前

    You should do an ultimate booze battle!! Everyone has to include alcohol in the recipe

  • SwnkyTiger
    SwnkyTiger2 个月 前


  • kiwipoop
    kiwipoop2 个月 前

    He’s bored “stiff” so I’m calling the boys

  • Micha Teja
    Micha Teja2 个月 前

    Zooming in on the seasoning packet and... is that Indomie brand?

  • Average Gamer
    Average Gamer2 个月 前

    Hmmmmmm pork ramen

  • Tatiana Mamontova
    Tatiana Mamontova2 个月 前

    Great looking noods 🌚🌚🌚

  • Mellchiril
    Mellchiril2 个月 前

    I think I would've liked Jamie's a whole lot more... I was staring at Mike's dish for a while wondering why it made me recoil a little, then I realized that it looked like his chicken had maggots coming out of it because of the noodle outside. I think that's what turned me off about it most, although it did look as though someone had thrown up over the food after finding said maggots in their chicken

  • Dirham Raizal
    Dirham Raizal2 个月 前

    just rewatching this again after 2 months (because all of sorted videos are that worth it 😏) right at 04:28 i checked to see if i already clicked the thumbs up phew..... turns out i already did and would click again if there is a double like feature on YT

  • Jo Mia Ariguin
    Jo Mia Ariguin2 个月 前

    Mike’s use of the instant ramen is so clever. Jamie’s ramen tho looks delish

  • rian wijaya
    rian wijaya3 个月 前

    Oh you guys use INDOMIE 🤠 thats from my country Indonesia

  • Charissa
    Charissa3 个月 前

    I happen to be eating instant ramen while watching this

  • Rosalie Kasm
    Rosalie Kasm3 个月 前

    I feel uncomfortable with the look Jamie’s ramen is giving me.

  • sharcalena
    sharcalena3 个月 前

    Here in East Asia you can buy instant noodles that have been either crushed or formed into shapes and seasoned to be eaten like chips as a snack. Can we get an address so we can send you guys local goodies to try?

  • potato gamer yay
    potato gamer yay3 个月 前

    9:58 ;)

  • issy roylance
    issy roylance3 个月 前

    not the right mushroom

  • What Mimi Sez
    What Mimi Sez3 个月 前

    Jamie's 100%

  • Sheila Hauser
    Sheila Hauser3 个月 前

    What is it with Brits and fish sauce I swear I just think of somebody picking up a trout and squeezing it to get the sauce out

  • Niros
    Niros3 个月 前

    Jamie was trying to become the 3rd serving of cooked pork in this video...

  • cazimon1
    cazimon13 个月 前

    Oh what is that? It’s a sexy ramen. Pow!

  • Erin Howett
    Erin Howett3 个月 前

    If your bacon is unsmoked, it's pancetta.

  • jake bvlogs
    jake bvlogs3 个月 前

    They both look nice

  • LednacekZ
    LednacekZ3 个月 前

    It's much much better than normal instant noodles. It's also much much more expensive than normal instant noodles

  • Sarang Cooking
    Sarang Cooking3 个月 前

    All of you has my dream whitewashed kitchens.

  • Violet None Of Your Business
    Violet None Of Your Business3 个月 前

    I think Jamie's is more reasonable and something we can actually do easily at home while still being creative and delicious and gave me inspiration of what to do myself plus it kept the spirit of what instant ramen is. If I was craving ramen that is more what I would want 9/10. Mike made some really nice and creative food but it was a lot of work and kind of lost what ramen is. This was a raman noodle battle and he used it as more of an ingredient rather than a dish created around it 7/10.

  • Je Or
    Je Or3 个月 前

    'sachet' is not something we say very often in America, so my experience of the word came from reading. To me it is a Satch-et. A Sash-ay is something models do down the runway. So this video felt very sassy.

  • Ant Leo
    Ant Leo3 个月 前

    As a man who grew up in a part of America where everyone goes to jail for at least a year. Instant noodles are near and dear to us. These are all so far from chichis. They both looked great mike hit it out of the park Jamie’s looked good but its closer to whats made in the cells.

  • Saiyidah
    Saiyidah3 个月 前

    I love the blooper reel. "Spaff's in control, Spaff's in control...."

  • Isabel Large
    Isabel Large3 个月 前

    'I'm bored stiff.' Hmmm, ok, Ben. **sigh**

  • Magdalena Haldin
    Magdalena Haldin3 个月 前

    "I'm gonna swat you." xD

  • DD S
    DD S3 个月 前

    Mike made prison noodles 😂

  • LeviathanStorm38
    LeviathanStorm384 个月 前

    Mike's home kitchen looks awesome

  • Peter Johnson
    Peter Johnson4 个月 前

    Jamie won for sure on looks tho

  • Mary, just Mary
    Mary, just Mary4 个月 前

    I don't think I've ever said this before but Jamie won this one for me 👍

  • Jim Jams
    Jim Jams4 个月 前

    Geez, just oil the meat and season, no sailt, dum ass u could of set it set on fire or burnd the meat Why am I watching you. Oh yea I don't like my kitchen and I'm unsure d to the hilt

  • Jo
    Jo4 个月 前

    Filled almost 15mins of my day, had a few chuckles...so thank you 😉

  • Christy McLaughlin
    Christy McLaughlin4 个月 前

    Going to try the fried chicken with my teens!!!

  • iseeflowers
    iseeflowers4 个月 前

    Both look good but I think the ramen chicken is more creative so I agree that is the winner. I can’t give a score since I don’t know how they taste.

  • Liss -
    Liss -4 个月 前

    Jamie should have won in my opinion... Mike's chicken looked divine, however I felt over all that Jamie produced what I would view as a better meal. (Looking at the 'noodle fries' made me think about eating dry spaghetti!) Good job both!

  • Orbii Lyn
    Orbii Lyn4 个月 前

    You guys should try instant ramen from around the world.

  • Hayyaan Anwar
    Hayyaan Anwar4 个月 前

    So ben was bored stiff so he called the boys up to look at their noods and hes a massive fan of the nuts Good story

  • PinkMonsterSlobberZ
    PinkMonsterSlobberZ4 个月 前

    So, I Made the Ramen Fries the Other day, Worked out Pretty Well. But Flavored Them With Cashew Butter and Fish Sauce ^.~

  • Sam C
    Sam C4 个月 前

    More battles, pretty please! I miss the old head-to-head-to-head battles!

  • Caitlin Bloody Mary
    Caitlin Bloody Mary4 个月 前

    Mike absolutely killed this. Nothing 'normal' level about it!

  • Philip Thehovergoat100 Evans
    Philip Thehovergoat100 Evans4 个月 前

    What about a chef vs chef instant ramen battle?

  • Bho Check
    Bho Check4 个月 前

    The passive agressiveness was strong w Ebbers in this one

  • Zack Au
    Zack Au4 个月 前

    Good... but I miss costumes.

  • Cat Perry
    Cat Perry4 个月 前

    Wow, I haven’t watched your videos in years! Im so glad you guys are still up to your shenanigans. So interesting and amusing to watch! I’ve missed too much! Definitely going on a binge watch later :D

  • iamnoone21
    iamnoone214 个月 前

    Kitchen conflagrations are so much higher stakes when you're filming in your own kitchen!

  • jim davis
    jim davis4 个月 前

    Fish sauce in ramen hell not

  • jim davis
    jim davis4 个月 前

    Marinate a egg for a week and it still tastes like a egg DA

  • Xynothrobe
    Xynothrobe4 个月 前

    Is that INDOMIE I see there!? Woohoo!!!

  • S .VanMeter
    S .VanMeter4 个月 前

    Ben doesn't have a comment about Jaime going DP?

  • Stoner Gal
    Stoner Gal4 个月 前

    Jamie 8 Mike 7 I happened to love the idea of the soy soaked eggs

  • Stoner Gal
    Stoner Gal4 个月 前

    Noodles~ nude dolls

  • Morrigan Liban
    Morrigan Liban5 个月 前


  • Anastasia Rockbell
    Anastasia Rockbell5 个月 前

    "That is just hot ham!" "Uncle, that's what all bacon is." "I CAN'T BELIEVE MY OWN NEPHEW"

  • saxyrocks


    4 个月 前

    "would say something so horrible!"

  • Akantia
    Akantia5 个月 前

    I highly agree with Mike winning, his dish was my favoruite. Solid 10/10, I liked the flavour combos and the noodle chips were something I've never seen before but would very much like to try! Jamie gets a 10/10 as well, (even though the dish has mushrooms in) good flavouring and those eggs sounded amazing!

  • Yen K
    Yen K5 个月 前

    it's still kinda sad that i'm watching this channel for about 3 years and for all this years they've never made anything russian :( But love this channel anyway :)

  • Dan Cowell
    Dan Cowell5 个月 前

    Died a little inside when I saw the miso go into a boiling pot. I heard it can become gritty, but I've never tried it out for myself. Food fact, or food fiction?

  • someedgykid
    someedgykid5 个月 前

    they used so much oil and I mean outside of the shalow frying

  • Runar Andersen
    Runar Andersen5 个月 前

    Jamie looks better and should have won.

  • Darren Henderson
    Darren Henderson5 个月 前

    Mike's dish made me cringe just watching it

  • Celtic Phoenix
    Celtic Phoenix5 个月 前

    My vote has to go with Jamie purely because, while Mike's dish was delightful and transformative, it was not a ramen noodle bowl. That said, I would really like to try my hand at both dishes.

  • Cale Henituse
    Cale Henituse5 个月 前

    BIG FAN OF THE NUTS . . 😖🤣

  • princessrose17
    princessrose175 个月 前

    idea for another cooking battle: Chef vs normal. Same recipe, same amount of time given, but the normal gets to use all the kitchen time savers he can (Food processor, blender, ice-cream maker, Pasta maker you guys just reviewed, as well as any manual "gadgets" [one use items like a juicer, or a garlic press or whatever]) but the chef can only use manual, old school, items like a knife, whisk, spoons, rolling pin.

  • Alexandra Grimshaw
    Alexandra Grimshaw5 个月 前

    Mike is the love of my life but Jay should have won that! Mike's may have been more inventive but his sauce looked closer to something tha should not be on the internet.

  • Enrique Goitia
    Enrique Goitia5 个月 前

    The ramen egg pb chips was a new one for me, I've seen fried noodles for burger buns but not chips. Both entertaining

  • melisunjoo
    melisunjoo5 个月 前

    I've been trying for ages to figure out how Jamie got that footage from in front of him, behind the stove. I've rewatched this so many times. And it's really bothering me. How. I can guess how all the other camera angles are being achieved. But he starts the fire, and you quickly go from behind the fire, to seeing him pull the pan away the side, and there's no visible camera behind the stove.

  • Lucas symons
    Lucas symons5 个月 前

    Heat instant noodles in pot with broth until cooked. Drain, put back in pot and add 1 table spoon of soy and kecap manis each, along with a good heaped tea spoon of crushed garlic. Stir and plate. Best upgrade to cheap noodles ever. If feeling like you want it slightly more healthy, you can do you veggies while the noodles cook and add at the end as well.

  • GolldenFalcon
    GolldenFalcon5 个月 前

    As soon as I saw that the dry ramen pane worked there was no doubt in my mind that Mike was winning.

  • GreenTachikoma
    GreenTachikoma5 个月 前

    There's not a whole lot of times where I think that the wrong person one but this is one of them what Mike made was not ramen noodles

  • LancesTroll
    LancesTroll5 个月 前

    I think Jamie would have got my vote on that one, I'm not convinced by the peanut noodle fries. But will give them a go.

  • ZeMakerpen
    ZeMakerpen5 个月 前

    let's be real, Mike won because of indo mie ;)

  • James Chan
    James Chan5 个月 前

    Ramen? Not!! more like Pho with star anise.... pffftttt

  • Brett D.
    Brett D.5 个月 前

    Sorry Ben, gotta disagree with you on this one. Jamie crushed it. Mike's dish, while creative, I probably wouldn't make twice.

  • Rodavarg Vincent
    Rodavarg Vincent5 个月 前

    Jamie 8/10 Mike 7/10

  • Quinn Woodsworth
    Quinn Woodsworth5 个月 前

    I feel like Jamie should have won the battle.